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Working On Getting The Graphics To Display, Please Bear With Us A Bit Of Fun News

Dave Kellett mentioned something to me over the weekend in San Diego, something potentially cool. Well, it’s up at Blank Label now, so I guess it’s gone from “potentially” to “thoroughly” cool.

Seems our Dave will be doing a stint as Cartoonist-in-Residence at the Charles M. Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa, California. Past C-i-Rs include Mike Jantze, Dan Piraro, and Pixar animator Don Crum. Look for Kellett at the Sparky shrine on December 9th, and then again on the 10th at the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco.

I am insanely jealous.

I applied and Linus delivered judgment on the doodle.

Ah well. Enjoy it, Mr. Kellett. Send a postcard.

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