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I Can Finally Get Drunk And Call It Research

Over at Overcompensating Jeff is giving back to his audience by linking to the “I’m Just Drinking: Web Comics edition” page. This page holds a rather extensive list of popular and not-so-popular web comics and drink recipes based off the comic itself. I thought to myself “Is it possible that such a list even exists?”

Oh, it is. And it does.

Here are a few of my favorite recipes so far, but I’m sure you will have your own personal favorites.

This list will get you started on the hazy, blissful road to alcoholism.  Have fun friends and remember, if you hook a car battery to your testicles, it is going to smart.

The “Liquid Rage”, Allison. The “Liquid Rage”!

Why don’t I keep grain alcohol in the house, dammit?

[…] Books, Kate As pointed out by Jeff Rowland, (And now Allison)there is a wiki with drinks and drinking games related to webcomics. The drinks are themed for a selection of possibly more well known webcomics, and may or may not actually be for human consumption. […]

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