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Weak Hu-mans With Their Flesh And Feelings

I thought QC was the only strip doing a guest week, but it looks like R.Stevens is taking a much needed rest and has called on the friendly assistance of his web comic pals.

Today’s guest strip over at Diesel Sweeties features everyone’s favorite easily-angered character, Red Robot. This strip has him demolishing the human lifeform, which is his favorite pastime. Now what I’m really looking forward to is getting to order my very own Red Robot toy and having him guard my computer from pathetic hu-mans.

Don’t get a Red Robot toy. Get a dozen! They stack into a muderous pyramid of crushing!

…is that a Doctor Who reference? I think I love you.


Don’t hate Gary because he’s cuddly.

Hate him because he’s smug about it.

I thought QC was the only strip doing a guest week

It’s not surprising that some folks have something off of their usual beaten path the week after SDCC. For instance, Goats is having an Open Mic Week. And Paul Southworth is covering the artwork (and some of the writing) for a “Tales by Tavernlight” interlude over at PVP.

Jeff wrote:
Hate him because he’s smug about it.

Do we really need reasons?

is that a Doctor Who reference?

Wasn’t intended to be. But if you want to hear a spot-on Dalek impression, look up Stephen Notley at a con sometime. Eerie!

Yeah, man, seems like everybody’s taking the week off. Hell, even Randy’s doing a Q&A week over at SP, which is his version of a Vacation Week.

God damn Something Positive for being a .net instead of a .com!

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