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This Is The Best Guest Strip Ever

Today’s Questionable Content guest strip is possibly the most twisted, disgusting, and appalling comic that I’ve read recently. But it’s also the funniest thing I’ve read in long time as well. And when I say long, I mean Tommy Lee long.

If you enjoy the comedy stylings of Lick My Jesus, Sarah Silverman, or Wonder Showzen, then go check out the strip. I love dark humor, and nothing makes me laugh like taunting a poor girl about the suicide death of her father with fruit pies.  

Thank you Chris Hastings for this comic, or should I say Christ Hastings?

Of course, the rest of the context for the strip is that the use of comic book/strip characters to sell Hostess Fruit Pies has a glorious history.

That’s too funny.

You should definitely not say Christ Hastings. But thanks!

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