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Everybody Feel Good For DJ

DJ Coffman wins the Comic Book Challenge!

Details here and here. Good luck with the book, DJ, and make sure you have fun with it.

Good job, D.J., but can you meet an even bigger challenge …

Getting Yirmumah back on Fleen’s “A Good Start” list?

Seriously, congratulations, D.J.

yeah, they lamely took it off saying that the list was suppossed to be for “discovering” lesser known strips…. oh, you know the ones, like on that list there, like PVP and Penny Arcade.

I think they just don’t like me. I mean, c’mon! One more little “Y” entry way down at the bottom? What gives guys!???


Heh. Yeah, I agree with you, the list makes no sense, and not merely based on your comic’s absence. What I continue to advocate is that besides a representative sample of the independents, “A Good Start” should include a list of collectives (Dumbrella, Blank Label, Dayfree, Keenspot, Modern Tales, Boxcar, Hyena, Eyeskream, and whatever else I’ve forgotten) so that a mouseover will reveal a dropdown menu of the comics in that collective. (Yirmumah will still be part of Boxcar, right, D.J.? Or are they the little people you crushed on your way to the top? :-)

About 19 or so comics in the current “Good Start” would get put in dropdown menus, freeing up room for more independents, including some of the more obvious omissions such as [insert your favorite comic here].

But does a certain Sybase instructor/author cum webcomic blogger listen to me? Nooooooooo…

Ooh! Ooh! Like my comic!

Har har.

But for real… it depends on the software they’re using to build the site. Sometimes those fancy dropdown things are tough to do properly, especially making them so they appear “right” in every browser.

No, they had it up there and took it down and told me they were listing comics that needed name exposure. I demand Yirmumah be listed back on there! hahahha

I have a feeling my demands will fall on deaf ears! I command theeeeeeee!!! hahhahaha

Lucas wrote:
Sometimes those fancy dropdown things are tough to do properly

True, but Fleen’s publisher is Phillip, the czar of DumbrellaHosting. He seems to know what he’s doing, if the nifty dropdowns over at Goats are any indication. And I’m sure he’s not busy. No, not at all. Bwahahaha!

D.J. wrote:
…they had it up there…

I know, dude, I’m on your side here.

You could achieve your plan of world conquest in any case simply by posting to every Fleen thread. :-)

They don’t even COVER comics that need name exposure…

Originally, they used to cover obscure comics that I’d never heard of, but now it seems to be “QC” this, and “Narbonic” that… whatevs.

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