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I Just Flew In From San Diego …

Okay, no more of that. I’m tried and cranky as hell, so here’s what to expect over the next couple of days:

  1. Postings about SDCC (including this one) will be edited to include links and graphics, as well as some corrections prompted by comments from you. Thanks to everybody who supplied details when I was unable to.
  2. A full writeup of sessions will be the next priority. Bill Barnes, moderator of the Webcomics 101|102|103 series, has directed people here for summaries of the sessions. In time, I hope to make this a permanent part of the site, maybe call it “Class Notes” or something.
  3. Book reviews. Got everything I wanted except for the new Penny Arcade volume, so I’ll pick that up (hopefully) this week.

Lastly, congrats to Eisner winner Scott Kurtz, for the category (Best Digital Comic) that most closely resembles “webcomics”.

Update: I’m sure that Aaron Renier is a nice person and I like just about everything that Top Shelf does, but fie! Fie on the Eisner voters for overlooking Ursula Vernon as “Talent Deserving of Wider Recognition”. To right this grievous wrong, I’m telling you all to go read through Digger if you haven’t already. Buy the book, too.

Update: He may not work in webcomics, but he’s a great friend of the medium and a hell of a nice guy, so congratulations also to Eisner winner Andy Runton, who clearly produces the “Best Publication for a Younger Audience”.

Update: Speaking of Graphic Smash, I was unable to attend Mr. T‘s session on Sunday regarding the History of Webcomics, wherein I understand there were to be announcements regarding the changes at GS. T, if you’re reading, point us to the info.

Update: I was also unable to attend the Lee Marrs “Hypercomics” session; if anybody can give us a rundown, the contact link is just over there to the right.

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