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Thursday Debrief

Lessons from Thursday at San Diego Comic Con:

  • The Lovely Ladies of Lulu are making the rounds. Given the growing prevalence of their company in producing webcomics collections, keep an eye open for them at future shows. Also, if you hold a panel on self-publishing solutions and say something like, “There’s no internet-driven solution for self publishing,” expect Annie and Leah to start some.
  • Phil Foglio has copies of the latest Girl Genius collection! Review of Agatha Heterodyne and the Clockwork Princess sometime in the coming week. Additionally, Foglio’s Buck Godot stories will be coming to the web! Psmith will likely be dumped in all at once, to be followed by Zap Gun For Hire and a newly-colored Gallimaufry a page at a time, like Girl Genius. No immediate date, unfortunately.
  • Also in the review queue: Paul Taylor’s Wapsi Square collection, Sparkling Diplomacy, The Retribution Index, Flight III, The History of Webcomics, and assuming Customs gets their shit together, Epic Legends of the Sword Kings.
    Update: Customs did not get their shit together, so purchase and review ASAP; on the plus side, I got to meet the PA Booth Babes (Brenna, Kara, and Theresa) as I repeatedly popped over to ask about the book, and they all rule.
  • Check one more item off my list of things to do before I die: drink amazing single-malts with the greatest bartender in the world, Tycho, Scott McCloud, and Lore.
  • Cool Thing of the Day: At Webcomics 101: Getting Started, SDCC session room volunteer Dan LaFever and I got to talking; Room 3 has a rated capacity of 150 people, and we were full up. In response to the question, “Are you here primarily because you like the work of somebody on the panel, or because you want to make a webcomic?”, the response was about 20 people for “fan” and 130 for “I want to make a webcomic”. Lots went on at this panel, and we’ll have a full debrief on it later.
  • Possibly Cooler Thing of the Day: Alfred, God’s own bartender, on a particularly wonderful single-malt (and please bear in mind that I cannot properly reproduce his beautiful speech rhythms): “It was if angels were pissing on your tongue.”
    Update: Saturday night, Alfred continued his magic, culminating in the sharing of a small bottle of pure single-malt magic. “I want to kiss you square on the mouth,” I told him. He laughed heartily, as if he hears this sort of thing all the time. He probably does.

Friday Sessions of Note: Blank Label Comics at 10:30 to 11:30 am, Dumbrella at 2:30 to 3:30, and Webcomics 102: Finding Your Audience with Bill Barnes, Gabe & Tycho, R Stevens, Scott Kurtz, and Kristofer Straub.

You’ll have to offer more evidence that you really were served single malts by the real life Alfred. Strangely, Tycho mentioned Sjoberg and McCloud, but not you.

Seriously, Epic Legends of the MAGIC Sword Kings! Them kings have magical swords.

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