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Hey kids, got sporadic WiFi, so fast updates and no graphics until later; heck, probably won’t be able to keep up on regular webcomics trawls. Things that stuck out at Preview Night of San Diego Comic Con:

  • Live photo updates (well, every five minutes or so) from the Dumbrella (our corporate master) booth may be found here.
  • Liz Greenfield is super nice, and you need to see her three comics to appreciate how cool the CD-style packaging is. How nice? Write one review comparing her to John Cusack, and she will envelop you in affection.
  • Check one more item off my list of things to do before I die: tell Scott McCloud in person that I’m the guy that liked The New Adventures of Abraham Lincoln. As he put it, “Oh, you’re the one.” Hopefully, there will be a chance to pick McCloud’s brain on webcomics business models over sophisticated adult beverages, as I have long since owed that guy a beer.
  • Cool Thing of the Day: Jon Rosenberg and Andy Bell both had toys for sale, the culmination of a two-year ordeal involving capricious manufacteries, literal slow boats from China, and virgin vinyl stock (so named, I suspect, because it’s hand-made by craftsmen who roll it out on the thighs of Bolivian virgins). Congratulations to Rosenberg and Bell! And to the person who stole the Diablo sample off the table: this is why we’re not allowed to have nice things.
  • Possibly Cooler Thing of the Day: R Stevens will have three dozen Red Robot toys in the booth Friday; no two-year ordeal here, just a bit of luck meeting the right guy at MoCCA. Okay, they’re wood and feature zero points of articulation, but as Stevens puts it, “Three goddamn weeks, I have toys.” Score one for a craftsman who doesn’t need Bolivian virgins, just supreme skill with a bandsaw and an appreciation of pixels.
  • Lastly, keep your eyes on this site in the near future for news of a Very Special project devoted to a Very Special topic: HAM. Although be warned: say the word “ham” to Dave Kellett, and he hears “pig fisting”.

Thursday Sessions of Note: Webcomics 101: Getting Started at 6:00 to 7:00 pm. Webcomics-interest panels also at 6:00 – 7:00 pm — Fred Gallagher will be part of CMX: Mega Manga and Kazu Kibiushi will be part of Random House Publishing Group Graphic Novels.

Figure it’s only fair to point out that the aformentioned “craftsman who doesn’t need Bolivian virgins” is in fact the multitalented Chris Yates of Reprographics.

Thank you, David! The sparse wifi here at the hotel means that I can’t do the net-based factchecks that I should.

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