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Looks Like Spiderman Needs To Blog

Over at Cartridge Comics, the infamous Emo-Spider has returned. The original Emo-Spider saw some recognition at Cartridge, but now is having a glorious return since the Spiderman 3 Trailer came out. For those who haven’t seen the trailer, Peter Parker is sporting some angsty emo hair. So Cartridge is planning to bank off this uncanny likeness of the two characters by selling Emo-Spider tees. I think I might get one to sooth the tormented, web-slinging side of me.

Any money on how long it takes before the lawyers crawl out of their black abcesses to stop the sales?

God bless em while they can make a little money, I love that shirt.

Chris of Cartridge Comics here. I drew the logo myself, it’s not the Spider-Man logo with a heart behind it. When you put the two side by side there’s a lot of visable differences. In addition to that, I’ve looked over the Cafepress rules of parody, and the design is pretty much safe.

That’s definetely parody. There aren’t that many similarities in the general logo design, besides the fact that both happen to be spiders. There’s also the broken heart, as well; there’s nothing in the Spider-Man logo even resembling that.

SWEET!!! Then I will see you friday. Save me 2 XXLs please!

^^ We need more of these.

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