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Snakes On A Gorram Plane

So it appears that Jeff Rowland is on-board (ha, ha) with the Snakes on a Plane panel at SDCC, along with with Samuel L. Jackson(!), David Ellis (director), and Jules Sylvester (the snake wrangler).

Rowland reports a 10:30am Friday panel time (same as the Blank Label panel — tough break, guys), but as of this writing the SDCC schedule lists what appears to be that session on Friday at 5:45pm. As always, check frequently for time revisions.

It’s a tough lie, but I’m confident BLC can pack ’em in with our free gumballs for the first ten audience members. Okay, first eight. The eighth guy gotta be cool with a little lint on that sumbitch.

Why is Rowland hanging out with the SoaP crew?

And there’s not a got-damn thing we can do about it.

Actually it’s not really a public panel, it’s more a thing for the DVD extras.

Wow, you’re gonna be on the DVD extras? Yeah, well… I’m gonna watch the “Battlestar Galactica” DVD extras later tonight.


I think some people are confused here. (That might include me though.) The roundtable that Jeff is doing is at 10:30; this is closed to the public. The panel, which Jeff is not on (I think), is at 5:45; this is open to the public. The roundtable will be filmed to be a DVD extra for SoaP, the panel will not.

I believe the reason Jeff has been invited to the roundtable is that they wish to recognize his help in promoting SoaP into an internet meme-type-thing entirely of his own volition (and the awesomeness of Samuel L. Jackson being sick of all the snakes on a plane). This meme-type-thing provided sufficient attention to the movie that it has received mention on popular television shows.

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