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Everyone Loves A Sharp Dressed Nerd

Since the SDCC is going on, the web comic world has been a bit quieter than usual. Though Rob and Elliot did learn that you can never go to a Con without a costume, it is forbidden.  I’ve always wanted to go to a con with a kick-ass costume. My dream would to go to the SDCC or one of the major Star Wars cons and be Leia in the gold bikini or Mara Jade. But enough of my personal nerd fantasies. If you were to go in costume to a con, who whould you be?

Sandor Clegane… that’s right. The Hound. Man I can’t wait for a Dance with Dragons. Speaking of which (and digressing even further)… I guess I’m not the only one to enjoy the Fire and Ice Series. I spotted Lucas reading as I was laughing my way through the CAD archives.

I’ve been Doctor Who and Superman/Clark Kent.

I want to go to a Star Trek convention dressed as a Ghostbuster.

Rest easy, should Allison ever attend a con as Leia in the gold bikini, we at Fleen will do our damndest to bring you (our loyal readers) full photographic coverage of the event.

Ishida form Bleach, or Touga from Revolutionary Girl Utena.

Definitely Little Slugger from Paranoia Agent. No contest.

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