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Three Comics In One? Say What?

That’s right folks, R.Stevens at Diesel Sweeties has come up with a fun Vaudeville-like approach to web comics. Today’s set of jokes is rightfully titled “Perverted Jerks.” It features a handful of the DS lineup telling, well, perverted jokes. What more could you want? 

You start out with one set of characters with their joke, and then you simply click on the comic for the next one. R.Stevens explains it as “lots of semi-attached gags in sequence.” And that it is, with one filthy joke leading into another.

R.Stevens has dubbed this style of comic “Web Comic Tetris“. I think it’s ingenius, and spices up our normal view of webcomics by offering a fun three-in-one deal. Honestly though, it’s just fun to click on things.

My Infinite Gag-Strip is a few years old now, and takes a little time to load up but it follows a similar concept.

I like Mr. Stevens’ comic/game a lot.

You know what would have been even more interesting? If, unannounced to the reader, the strip ALSO made sense when read normally (left to right, top to bottom) when one inserted the “missing” panels.

Hey Tom –
Maybe you just haven’t drank enough coffee for it to mak esense when read “normally”.

wheeeeeeeeee coffeeeeeeee

It’s not really the same concept in that there’s a joke to add on to or twist into new versions, but I’ve also been taking advantage of “clickability” in my own comic, Synchronism. Regardless, kudos to R. for experimenting and making use of the web format’s many many possibilities.

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