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Small-To-Medium Pimpin’

So, Ian Jones-Quartey, boy genius behind RPG World, since moved on to other things, gave me the go-ahead last night to point y’all to his movie. We’ve mentioned UNFAIR previously, but Ian was keepin’ things kind of close, waiting for his film to appear in some festivals before he unleashed it on an unsuspecting world.

But with a couple of screenings under his belt (seriously, he needs to put some of those curly-olive-branch logos on his poster), he’s shifted thoroughly into distribution mode. So as not to completely swamp his bandwidth, he’s released a Flash port here; it’s probably better when larger, but there’s plenty there to love.

We at Fleen expect great things from Jones-Quartey, including a long and glorious career animating, so now’s the time to check his best work to date and be able to say, “Yeah, I followed that guy from when he was right out of school.” And some day, when he’s on some con panel doing publicity for his fourth feature film, be sure to ask him, “When are you going to finish RPG World?” He’ll love that.

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