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Rounding Up

Some few items you may have missed …

Over at Something*Positive, it’s question time as Randy Milholland looks for seven reader questions that he can answer in-strip (as seen previously here). If you have something that’s been burning a hole in your brain about S*P, drop him a line. As an added bonus, Milholland has added links for the previous five installments, which helps to keep storylines accessible.

Christopher B. Wright is overcoming recent Job-like travails that have beset him to kick said travails square in the ‘nads. Or at lest, update Help Desk regularly, which is almost as good.

John Allison is making me fall in love with Scary Go Round all over again today. You have a clash of good vs. evil, a girlfight, Scott Pilgrim-esque videogame visual shorthand (similarly seen in PvP recently), and a punch that’s a total justification for why Esther is my new favorite character. PLUS a panty shot! It’s like fan service just for me.

And if that weren’t more fun than humans should be allowed to have (and my goodness, don’t you think it should be?), Allison informs us that although he will not be in attendance at SDCC next week, copies of SGR Book 4, The Retribution Index, will. Note to self: bring another $20 to Comic Con.

Don’t jinx it! Don’t jinx it!

[…] Uncategorized Christopher B. Wright continues to triumph over adversity. Today sees the return of his second strip, Kernel Panic, after too long an absence. The archiving is still a bit wonky, but that will presumably be fixed up as the site continues its redesign. […]

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