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‘Tis The Season For TOYS

Walking to work this morning, I passed a rather attractive young lady wearing this shirt, which seems to me to be as good an excuse as any to discuss the forthcoming line of ZLIKS figures from Dead Zebra. “But who is this Dead Zebra?” I hear you cry. DZ is the toy-making and merch-producing subsidiary of the demonically creative Andy Bell. Let’s let him tell the tale, shall we?

The ZLIKS are coming! Finally! I got the good word that the boat has landed and that they will be offloaded and through customs by tomorrow! Wow, two years of work almost over … what a ride it’s been.

There will be a ZLIKS promotional site going up tomorrow on dyzplastic, and I will start pre-selling a limited quantity of 6 variants on tomorrow to a select few. The bad news is that I won’t be able to ship them until mid-August when I return from a wedding in Europe.

If you are coming to comic-con I should have a few sets to sell there!

Since Andy wrote his notice two days ago, you’ll kindly note that the promised site is now live and awaiting your attention. So go forth, my minions, go forth and CONSUME!

Can’t wait to have Diablo battle the Psycho Zliks. Who will keep their head?

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