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Holy Merch!

Have you seen all the merch Penny Arcade is dropping? If I wasn’t so poor right now, I would be totally excited. As I understand it, not all of our readers are poor – so I thought I should share.

Mainly, I’m stoked about the new books. I picked up Bacon Robots as soon as it dropped and I’m really glad that the guys aren’t hanging around with the release of their next books. If you haven’t picked up the first collection, it looks like they’re putting out a pretty sweet looking hard cover. I think it would be the perfect beginning to any PA merch collection, but if you don’t feel like buying one yourself how about buying me one, eh?

Yeah, those look wicked. I love the fact that since they don’t have any real theme to toss together a title, they just go with crazy random references. That is seriously awesome.

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