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Enemies and Friends

Friendly Hostility is sporting a trio of summer-themed storylines.

One: Fatima is in a bit of trouble. She’s dragged her brother away from his summer of lovin’ to fight with her in a team freestyle cage fight to clear her debts get ahead in life. The shocker so far? Fatima is capable of love.

Two: Arath, who couldn’t talk to Collin at first about him being gay, invites Collin to come to Mexico with him. Collin has been banned from Mexico. The twist? It’s an election year.

Three: Bootsy has turned 18 years old, the age of legality. Collin and Fox being gone, she celebrates with The Demon, who invites her to stay the night to get away from paint fumes. And she confesses her love for him. Why, oh why?! It’s so awkward.

Each of the story lines has, in my opinion, a freshness to them because they have such a limited time frame: Summer. They won’t drag on forever, and they have to have a cleverness that comes of conciseness, and the variety also works well.

The storylines are also brilliant in the way that they highlight very important characterizations: Collin as an aspiring dictator, Fox as a loyal brother who respects his family’s… erm… traditions, Bootsy as a romantic, and Fatima as someone who plays by her own rules. The situations that are developing — the Mexican incursion, and what the Demon will say to Bootsy — provide good vehicles to reveal essential things about these characters.

Well played, Friendly Hostility. Well played.

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