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An Interesting Turn Of Events

Yirmumah is known for it’s gag-a-day social commentary that has come to make me laugh fantastically hard at every update. But D.J. Coffman has decided to take his comic down a different path with the new set of strips titled “Prologue 1: Dad”.

D.J. has wanted to get those story-line demons out of his head for some time, and now he’s finally letting them loose on an unsuspecting public. I’m planning on joining Club Yurmumah so I can get all the weekly strips at once, because I’m intrigued into where D.J. is going to take the story.

All we know so far is that a mysterious, moustache-laden biker stops into a bar and starts reminicing about when he was a child, his dear mother would take in hobos and feed them. But as we all know, you can never trust a hobo.

 If you were wondering, Yirmumah will return to its normal format eventually. But for now I recommend the new Yirmumah because it’s not everyday that a web comic takes the brave leap from gag-a-day to story-driven dialogue. I support you D.J. because you have the balls to do what you want, even if it means smushing hobos with trains.

DJ is really working his writing ability to an amazing level. The story and characters are so compelling you’re left wanting more. And this is from a club member who has read the full week.

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