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Back Once Again, It Is…

… Tatsuya Ishida! Also, PJ Hart, who has been absent from these pages due to a dangerous mix of personal and professional problems. Anyway. Let’s talk more about the new Sinfest.

When I first started here, one of the first things I did was get on Tat’s back about his extended absences. I was close to bringing it up again when out of nowhere, a new comic appeared along with a brand new website! The new site itself oozes simplicity from html pores that were once clogged with clutter, and today’s strip is old school Sinfest, just the way you remember.

It’s worth noticing also that  there is no trace of Keenspot anywhere on the site, so that’s another loss for them. I wonder if Tat will get snapped up by any of the other comic collectives. My money is on Blank Label.

Damn that dude is smooth.

Today’s Keen Newsbox reads

It has been an honor to publish Sinfest these past six years. Keenspot wishes Mr. Ishida all the best. To us, he is forever Keen.


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