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Friday Is Shaping Up To Be Webcomics Panel Day

The SDCC panel schedule is getting close to finalized, and two more items of note have popped up. In addition to the previously-Fleened Dumbrella and Webcomics 102 panels, we have:

10:30-11:30 Blank Label Comics — The groundbreaking independent comics co-op offers a look at its unique recipe for success and explains why “webcomics” are dead. Moderated by the hosts of the popular Blank Label Comics podcast, Dave Kellett (Sheldon) and Kristofer Straub (Starslip Crisis), the panel will include David Willis (Shortpacked!), Paul Taylor (Wapsi Square), Howard Tayler (Schlock Mercenary), Steve Troop (Melonpool), and Brad Guigar (Evil Inc.). Room 1A


6:00-7:00 Keenspot 2006: Spotlight on Awesomeness — The world-renowned Internet powerhouse that makes webcomics history with every new pixel returns to Comic-Con for its 6th annual panel discussion! Keenspot creators who may very well appear (assuming no cool Star Trek panels overlap with this one) include Dan Shive (El Goonish Shive), Jennie Breeden (The Devil’s Panties), Aeire (Queen of Wands), R. Smith (Funny Farm), and Darren Bleuel (Nukees). The panei will be moderated by Keencast hosts Chris Daily (Striptease) and John Troutman (Flint Again), who will be podcasting this panel. Hear Keenspot’s late-breaking big announcements and preview their newest comics and animation projects before anyone else! Free Keenspot giveaways for everyone who attends. Room 9

That makes at least three collectives that will have the soapbox to tell us what they’re up to these days. Will we see the Twin Towers holding forth on behalf of Dayfree Press? Or some announcements about what’s happening at Graphic Smash and Modern Tales? There’s still a lot of hours across four days that don’t have webcomics events, so get cracking, collective people!

Also, it’s starting to look like my schedule will prevent me from attending the “Spotlight on Awesomeness” (you really sorta have to respect somebody that can come up with a line like that with a straight face), so if anybody wants to do the stringer thing for us and grab some dirt, feel free to click the contact link up there.

I think Dayfree needs to start hiring someone other than myself to write our press releases. I just don’t think I’d ever have the balls to use a phrase like “world-renowned Internet powerhouse” or “groundbreaking independent comics co-op” in a sentence!

I think it must be pretty hard to be taken seriously when you’re claiming to “[make] webcomics history with every new pixel”. That is a lot of history!

Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it… so be sure to read the entire archives of every Keenspot comic ever.

Chris, does Keenspot have some killer news for this year? We’ve not heard from anyone in your camp since the SDCC panel last year.

I don’t know, your definition of “killer news” may be different than mine. You’ll have to wait and see, I suppose.

Though I’m not sure what you mean by “we’ve not heard from anyone in your camp since the SDCC panel last year.” Arguably Keenspot’s biggest announcement ever (at least in terms of blogosphere reaction) was Fox’s option of “You Damn Kid!”, and it was made three months after last year’s Comic-Con. And there’ve been many announcements since, including one earlier this year about one of our most popular strips (“Ozy & Millie”) returning to Keenspot after three-years of self-publishing, and another about our Keentoons Video Podcast launching (and cracking the iTunes Top 25 charts).

So I’m not sure what you mean by that. I assume you read Comixpedia regularly? :)

I don’t think anyone should count Keenspot out yet. It’s home to some of my all-time favorites GPF, Sinfest and Chopping Block.

Two out of three ain’t bad! :>

Whoops. I think maybe what I was asking was taken the wrong way. I wasn’t trying to imply anything. I’ve literally been out of the loop on Keennews and since you were right here, I thought I would just ask.

My memory is off. You’re right about the YDK announcement. Darren hinted at it at Comicon. So that’s why I was confused.

And you’re right. Just because I have not heard news, doesn’t mean that there hasn’t been new news. I do read Comixpedia regularly and I must have just missed the Keen news.

Did you guys ever hire and ad guy or get that newspaper stuff launched. I remember those were mentioned at SDCC last year as well. My self-syndication plot ended up being a total pain in the ass.

Cheers to everyone over at Keen.

“Whoops. I think maybe what I was asking was taken the wrong way.”

No worries, it’s all good.

“You’re right about the YDK announcement. Darren hinted at it at Comicon.”

He actually hinted about something entirely different at Comic-Con (something that’s still in the works). The YDK deal wasn’t initiated until well after Comic-Con.

“Did you guys ever hire an ad guy…”

Yes. Four of them, actually.

“…or get that newspaper stuff launched.”

The newspaper initiative is on the backburner at the moment.

“Cheers to everyone over at Keen.”

Ditto to you!

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