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Satan Taught Us All A Lesson

After a long-ass day at work, what I like to come home to is a nice refreshing cup o’ web comic. And nothing satisfies better than Rob and Elliot. If you check out the most recent update of the strip, you will be catching the end of a hard learned lesson on stealing. I enjoy it when web comics teach moral lessons, because it usually involves fake blood, squibs, and an old woman dressed like satan.

I think there should be more web comics that teach twisted, horrifyingly effective moral lessons. It could be like what Wonder Showzen did for Sesame Street. Do I dare to dream about such a web comic? Yes, yes I do.

The Wonder Showzen link needs a bit of fixing, it seems.

Such a comic would have to make use of a man missing an arm.

Devil denyed a refund? It’s been done.

We did that weeks ago.

A figure of power put into a situation that comically puts him at the mercy of something trivial?

It’s not exactly copyrighted.

‘Sides of which, Rob and Elliot did the joke quicker and better. Also, it ended with someone getting klonged with an aluminum baseball bat. A+++ would read again!

Yeah, Rob and Elliott wins. No contest.

I never said ours was better; it was only a set-up for a later situation. I KNOW Rob and Elliot did it better.

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