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T Campbell resigns from Clickwheel, now controls only 94% of all webcomics endeavours. On a slightly-related note, we at Fleen are still looking for a copy of Campbell’s El Grande Historio del Webcomics, and would be grateful if anybody knows of a supplier in the New York City Consolidated Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Jon Rosenberg discovers the joys of grilling meat on land he owns [jointly with his wife and a large financial institution], calls for guest strips as he gets into the homeowner swing.

William G. sends webcomics blog comment in re: the Girly contretemps, adds to quality of discussion. Mr G intended to add the comment to that posting, but since the discussion had scrolled a couple of pages long, he felt that it was a dead topic. However, other comments have arrived since he emailed us, and I think it’s an interesting POV, so I have copied it to that thread.

Lastly, DumbrellaHosting honcho/Fleen publisher Phillip Karlsson announces imminent server switch, promises he will be doing “stuff” to ensure easy browsing while the DNS changes propagate. If you see hiccups here over the next 24 – 48 hours, try to bear up and be brave in the face of it all. We know you have it in you.

Can you webcomic bloggers do me a favor?
Go back to ignoring me. Forever.

Jesus Fucking Christ.

Was the comment posted to the Girly thread with G’s permission? If so, all right, but if not, then that sort of runs counter to the generally accepted way of doing things. Most publications treat all correspondence as private unless specifically marked otherwise, and it seems to me as if William G intended for his opinions to remain in confidence.

(I may be wrong on any number of details, of course.)


In my experience, most publications treat correspondence as “for publication” unless otherwise specified. In any event, I did ask Mr G if he had objections to it being posted.

Edit to add: Server hiccup during the drafting of this comment; apologies if multiple versions displayed.

All right, sorry for the nasty implications before, then. :) (I have worked as a professional journalist before, so I’m not *completely* talking out of my ass here, but I guess our policy was just an abberration.)

Ehn, I dont care.

It’s been a while, but I suppose I should make it clear that I didn’t really mean that. I love attention. Even if it’s negative and extremely puzzling attention, I could always use some kind of it, just like every other comic author.
I was just having a bad day on the 5th of July, and William G is not typically a good ingredient for bad days. He really is kind of a total idiot.
Anyway, don’t ignore me forever. Unless you really want to.

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