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Canadia, My Neighbor to the North

So, I know most people are focused on July 4th (which happened about ten minutes ago). But I would like to bring some attention to my friends the Canadians.

Canada Day was July 1st. Have a look at some Canadian themed webcomics.

Canadaman made me giggle, because it features a United States Superhero character who seems to be treated with bemusement. And there are political jokes, which I always am a sucker for. Lemme know if you know of any other Canadian comics or what you think of those on the webcomics listing.

It’s not a webcomic, but Scott Pilgrim takes place in Canada. It is also really good. is packed full of daily Canananandian funnies.

Packed to the gills!

Hooray for Canada.

I hate to toot my own horn, but since you asked, my comic could be considered half Canadian as I am from Canada, and the artist I work with is from Mexico.

It also takes place in Canada.

I’m not sure if Return to Sender takes place in any specific country, but there is at least a reference to poutine.

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