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A New Collective Launches

From the press release desk at Fleen Central, this item:

July 4th, 2006- In a world where a boundless plethora of information is available at one’s fingertips on the internet, the casual web surfer could be forgiven for thinking that it has all been done… especially in the political arena. But while the internet may have revolutionized politics as a unique forum for dialogue and activism, there are still exciting possibilities yet left unexplored.

Enter SpinZone Comics, the web’s first collective of politically oriented webstrips that consistently bring fresh ideas and images to the tedium of talking heads in the digital blogosphere.

Webcomics are an understandably popular artistic form online- quick to read and easy to digest, they fit perfectly with the speed and aesthetic obsessed online community. Though comics can be used to address any subject, they have all too often been dismissed or pigeonholed into the insular gaming and fantasy genres. With its unique blend of styles and political voices, SpinZone Comics aims to change all of that.

A quick perusal of the site reveals the “unique blend … of political voices” to be about as blended as one might think; given the fact that Spinzone calls itself a “collective”, and that conservative attempts at political humor rarely result in anything other than profound suck, it’s unsurprising that the six contributors to the ‘Zone all tilt to the (shall we say) progressive side of the fence. In an attempt to forestall conservative complaints about liberal domination of yet another branch of the media, Fleen is now calling on the ‘Zoners to invite Day by Day to join up, as well as a pool to guess the exact date that happens. Please note that “when hell freezes over” is not a valid entry.

The contributors to SpinZone are Cosmic Awareness by J.E. Mills, Fighting Words by Ben Smith, Monkey Law by Brad Hawkins, Idiot Box by Matt Bors, Death of the Party by Jonathan Fischer, and Line Item Vito by Eddie Caplan.

Fleen is now calling on the ‘Zoners to invite Day by Day to join up…

While Chris Muir has had very nice words to say about our member strips, he has politely declined to join the SpinZone collective, citing conflicts with his distribution deals. Alas.

Brad Hawkins
SpinZone Comics

It was an honor in that Spinzone asked me; and frankly, it’s my loss that I cannot join them.

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