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… PJ Hart, and I don’t give much of a toss about the new Superman Movie. Lots of people saw the old movies when they were kids and were completely captivated. That never happened to me. I liked Ghostbusters. Anyway, despite this, when I saw today’s PvP (a strip I have a love/hate relationship with) I couldnt help but smile.

Today, without words, Kurtz captured the feeling of seeing a movie that just makes you feel young again, makes you remember why you love movies and puts a big silly grin on your face for days. I honestly can’t remember the last time that happened to me, but then again I’m a film studies major, so I’m not allowed to actually enjoy movies. Of all the Superman strips I’ve seen on the web as of late, Scott’s really stands out for me. Whether the actual movie will or not remains to be seen.

Why do you have a love/hate relationship with PvP?

Probably because of that time it went to the dance with Steven Schroder even though PJ had already asked PvP and rented the limo and everything.

I hear Steven got to second base that night.

[…] Uncategorized Today, I was browsing through the archive of PvP, trying to gather data with which to answer a question posed to me by Mr Kurtz. Anyway, I got sidetracked and started to think about the different ways that different comics archive their strips and how important it is. PvP uses a fairly simple calender based archive, which is fine if you’re reading the whole thing through from start to finish, but is somewhat unweildy when it comes to finding specific strips or storylines. As I mentioned in my review, Irregular Web Comic has a versatile archiving system that makes it quick and easy to find your favorite strips. Penny Arcade also has a searchable archive. Beaver and Steve goes one better by having a searchable archive and a Wiki entry for nearly all of its strips. […]

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