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Deadline Approaches And I’m Tired

Much driving this weekend, along with family obligations and the desire to beat the everliving snot out of the sumbitch that abandoned a dog at the I-64 (westbound) rest stop at mile marker 213 in Virginia on the hottest bloody day of the year; there’s a special circle of torment for you in hell, asshole.

Anyway, fast roundup of things you may have missed over the holiday weekend. Something resembling normal updates tomorrow.

  • Over at Graphic Smash, the first storyline of Bang Barstal by the colorful William G wraps; I’m liking it so far.
  • Over at Webcomics Nation, Narbonic goes free and leaves Modern Tales. You got six years of Pinkwateresque archives to plow through, Bunky.
  • Over in Connecticuit, Connecticon is coming this weekend. Lots of webcomic folk to be there.
  • Over in Merrie England, the full list of Scary Go Round Idol contestants have been posted by John Allison. Some nice work there.
  • And at Penny Arcade for the rest of the week, cartoons will be supplied by the Third Graders From Mrs. Eriksen’s Class. Although not yet live, the PA Archive drop-down lists Wednesday’s offering as Third Grade Gold, Wild Styles and Friday’s as Third Grade Gold, The Secret. Miss them, and you will miss the future of the internets.

Is that the dog? Did you keep the dog? What happened to the dog? I live sort of near there.

That is not the dog; the Virginia State Police contacted animal control to pick the poor guy up, and we have hopes that he finds a good home.

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