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Dr McNinja. Buddy. Man. What the crap? What is this madness going on in your latest storyline? Ronald McDonald, I could take. Mexican raptor bandits, I could take. Kids turning into lumberjacks, that too! But what is this insanity, when a McNinja fight is cut short by some guy who wants to fix the news. I don’t get it. I do not find it to be cool.

Did you know that it’s Carl ?

Some people aren’t catching that.

So, this is like revenge for his weather report being one-upped by Murdoch’s Raptors? Or something along those lines?

Oh there’s a second comic! That makes more sense now!

Yeah, it has to be Carl. He said “chilling report”.

Okay, clearly I’m just an idiot. Please continue going about your daily business.

Pretty damn good plot twist, unexpected, and original (Dr. McNinja…= Of Course its original).

I liked it alot obviously.

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