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Behold, The Bibbling of Prophets!

Yesterday, I wanted to write about the Holy Bibble when Yaweh decided to show his power with such forcible strength that he ripped the time space continuum to do a card trick. I just laughed with giddiness that Yaweh, who is essentially a fool, was pulling what so many movies have had God do in Hollywood by using his booming I-mean-business voice. And since the Bibbling Prophets say it is true, it must be a true representation.

But then I got side tracked by some hoopla.

And then it wasn’t news.

BUT NOW The Holy Bibble is having a Happy Annibirthday celebration and giving away wallpapers. Do you have yours yet? It has the same impeccable attention to detail I originally praised the Holy Bibble, and I love it.

That comic is awful.

Charlie —

The penetrating depth of your criticism reveals to me that, even though I find the comic hilarious, I must truly be mistaken, for your wit and rhetoric have shown the contrary truth.

I thank you.

Dear Kate,

Considering your already noted anger at Girly, how do the paternal incest jokes in Holy Bibble not amount to outrage on your part towards the comic marginalizing the horror of child molestation and child rape?

Your representative for the department of revealing double standards,

PS – I love Holy Bibble.

The paternal incest in the Bible was rape—the father was drunk and was not able to consent. In the Bibble, however, it was consensual sex between adults. No child molestation nor child rape there, really.

Wingie, my comment was directed towards the previous discussion of Girly, which Kate took great umbrage at because she felt it made the subject of rape a joke, and by making rape a joke, lessening or softening the horrible nature of the act.

By a similar tract of thought, I am satirically suggesting that she should have been similarly outraged at The Holy Bibble for making an act of rape in the Bible into a joke about drunken consensual sex. I understand that the situation in Holy Bibble is different from that in the Bible, just as I understand that the fantastical situations in Girly are disconnected from reality, and was drawing a corelation between the two judgements by my comment above.

Though apparently not very well.

Oh, please, people.

Can we keep the bitching about girly review in the girly review thread?

Gotcha-ism of this sort is highly obnoxious and useless as communication.


Which is to say, let’s keep this thread on the discussion of Holy Bibble.

Which is the hotness.


There’s not much more to say actually. I went to the link, tried to read through the archive and it was unbearable to me. But like many things on the internet, I guess if ONE person finds it truly awesome, they’ll defend it and begrudge anyone who disagrees.

Holy Bibble isn’t unbearable, but it didn’t really capture my interest, so I probably won’t stick with it. I am not sure why, but it reminds me of a cross between VGCats and The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy.

Holy Bibble is not one of my new faves but I love the pic.

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