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Physics Is Phunny

Art vs. writing discussed passim; xkcd brings the funny (thanks to Ryan “Nexus of All Webcomics Realities” North for the heads-up). Let’s see, the creator, Randall Munroe, is a physicist and works on robots for NASA. Nerd humor ahoy!

You got your math and STDs, Venn diagrams (true story: I grew up at the tail end of the New Math, and wound up learning set theory in second-friggin’-grade; turned out handy when I went to engineering college), relativity, recursive sets, gravitation and yo’ mama, Escher, and anarchy on the comics page! Add a little theoretical math, Boolean love, some probabilistic outcomes, frequency-domain felines, things I’ve actually done, astronomy, chemistry, and it all adds up to science!

In fact, reading through xkcd, one is left with but one conclusion: FUCK computational linguistics.

This has made me very excited. I love it.

God damn but I love this comic. Ryan always finds the nicest things.

This is the most awesome Fleen-plugged comic. Ever.

[…] Gary This page has previously written about Randall Munroe’s xkcd, a strip that knows the truth about computational linguistics. Munroe, a robot-wrangler for NASA Langley Research Center, is clearly a very smart guy (although I can tell you from personal expericence that you don’t have to be a rocket scientist, to be a rocket scientist), and this week he’s turning his amazing percept-o-tron powers on webcomics. […]

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