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Speaking of merch, Diablo action figure pre-orders are now open! And, like all good action figures, it comes with a variant:

Pre-ordered Diablo is available in two flavors, a regular chicken-flavored variety and the special “personalized” variant. The personalized figure comes with some bonus stickers and is signed by Yours Truly, and the first 250 people to order one of these will get an extra Super-Bonus Glow-In-The-Dark Ecto-Skull in addition to all the other groovy accessories Diablo normally comes with. This skull can replace Diablo’s normal head; I cannot stress enough how radical this is.

How cool is this? Read on, my friend:

Diablo has four points of articulation, at the waist, wings and neck.
Diablo’s head is removable, just like in real life.
Diablo comes with accessories:

  • one (1) Human Skull
  • one (1) Satanic Whoopee Cushion
  • one (1) Necronomicon, 2nd. Ed.
  • three (3) pc. Oversized Novelty Bacon

Diablo’s head can be replaced with his Human Skull for awesome skull-chicken action.
Diablo is approx. 3″ tall, and will be to scale with future Goats action figures. [emphasis mine]
Diablo comes in a neato collector’s box.
Diablo will bring you everlasting joy and peace of mind.

Serious collectors, speculators, and dealers are urged to stock up on plenty of both versions. I just ordered mine, how about you?

I’ve got mine!

Um, pre-ordered, that is.

Oh man, that’s SWEET.

Pre-ordered and circling the end of August for potential delivery!

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