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Man Of Steel…I’ve Heard That Line Before

I am so sick of hearing about the new Superman film. That is why I’m all about today’s Ctrl+Alt+Del comic. I love it when people make fun of Superman. Someone who is impervious to all kinds of danger should be the center of ridicule. Anyways, I’m not saying that Superman is lame, well I am actually.

The point I’m trying to make is that a super hero should have more weaknesses than just being allergic to a rock from a different planet that doesn’t even exist anymore.

Anyways, I’m not saying that Superman is lame, well I am actually.

You’re lame! I hate you!


This one is rather hilarious…

He’s vulnerable to magic too!

Give “It’s a Bird” by Steven Seagle a quick read. It talks about a writer’s struggle connecting with this character.

This brings up a subject I have often wondered about. In the first Superman movie, how did Lex Luthor know that Kryptonite would hurt Superman? I mean, no one had tested it beforehand to see what it could do, so for all Lex knew, exposing Superman to the green stuff might actually have INCREASED his strength, or given him yet MORE superpowers. So how did he *know* it would work?!?

The thing is, it’s not impossible to write well for a character who can do anything. You just have to write about what he won’t let himself do. Or the circumstances when he will do that.

You just have to be a good writer.

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