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Look out! It’s The Future!

I heard this thing today on the radio about how mobile phone companies (cell phone companies, if you will) are getting pissed off that people are just connecting to their wi-fi service and then using VoIP instead of using their phones. I found this fascinating. The Internet really is everywhere these days, this is the future folks, and it is changing how we live.

Here’s how I’m hoping it will change how I live. Sometimes I like to go in to town, buy a graphic novel and sit in a friendly coffee shop to drink coffee and read comics for a few hours. I like those days, but comics and coffee are expensive luxuries for us poor students/film producers/convenience store clerks/web comic editorialists. Now though, I could just load a version of Opera on to my Nintendo DS, and sit in the same coffee shop and read web comics all day. I really think this would be great. Not just because I am stingy and hate paying for stuff, but because it would give me more time to sample some of the web comics I keep meaning to catch up on.

Really though. I hate paying for stuff.

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