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All The World Is Soft

One of my all time favorite web comics has to be A Softer World by Emily and Joey. The stylized photographs along with the eerie statements give you the impression that you are only witness to half of story. Sometimes the strips can be off-beat and humorous, and other times they can be a little on the creepy side.

The writing is poignant, and actually causes you to stop and think about the characters in these three-panel strips, which is odd considering that none of them are recurring. It is truly a testament to the artists when a reader develops a sense of sadness or fondness within the context of a single strip.

I don’t want to undermine the humor of A Softer World with all this talk of creepiness. The format of the strip allows for some weird one-liners that include cats cleaning hair, gang morals, and the devastation of someone who can’t contain his lust.

This comic has raised my eyebrows repeatedly throughout the years, either through slow sadness or disturbing humor. Maybe if I pray enough this comic will be around for many years to come to decorate my desktop and brighten my day.

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