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Two ways to check out ‘Mega’ webcomics this week, going back through all your favorite gags. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll remember the good times.

First up, Diablo the Chicken’s megaGAMERZ 3133T is going into reruns. Started on 22 June 2005 and ending not quite a year later with the Deathrumble, you’ve got an eye-popping 49 self-contained storylines and a cast of dozens (including my personal favorite, Fishapod). Given the tremendous demand to see them again, Diablo has added one to the year, and opted to rerun the entire series from the very beginning. No revisions or redraws, no commentary track, just pure gamery goodness. Hop on board now while you can and enjoy the thrill ride.

And secondly, Megatokyo released volume 4 this week (following a shift from Dark Horse to CMX, an imprint of DC Comics), covering chapters 5 (starting 25 February 2004) and 6 (ending 1 August 2005), you’ve got a year and a half’s worth of strip, plus various side-stories, fillers, and sketches.

However, this is not a review, given that everything included only accounts for about three days of story time, it’s hard to say whether or not the story is progressing without reading the entire damn thing. Some day, Fred Gallagher will finish MT and reading it all in one go will either prove to be very satisfying or deeply disturbing. Neither outcome, however, will shift anybody from their present opinions on the man and his work, so if you like MT assume you need this book, and if you don’t, assume your ten bucks would be better off contributing to the purchase of Tezuka’s Phoenix, volume 7.

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