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There’s Always Room For Tesseracts

My buy-list for SDCC is getting longer, as in addition to Kristofer Straub’s second Starslip Crisis book, there’s a new comprehensive volume of Wapsi Square coming from Paul Taylor. Big, beefy bargain books, too, clocking in at 180 and 160 pages respectively.

Speaking of Blank Label, Steve Troop has a new gig doing puppet videocasts over at Kevin Smith‘s site; the link to Troop’s video wasn’t working on Tuesday, but since he’s scheduled to run on Friday’s, I imagine that makes sense. Also worth noting is a list of fairly impressive names that Smith has contributing to his relaunched site: Fred Hembeck, Paul Dini, and the cast/crew of Scrubs will be bumping elbows with Troop at the website Christmas party.

Given how long Troop’s been at this game, that makes him an overnight success after a decade-plus of grinding effort — our sincere congratulations to him, and wishes for future ass-kickery.

I hope you guys enjoyed it. Mayberry et al will be interviewing a lot of people at Comic-Con thos year for the quickcast. Hopefully. I can pay it forward a bit by getting a little exposure for some of you guys.

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