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That’s Not Funny, Or Is It?

Our friend T-Rex at Dinosaur Comics raised an interesting point today. He noted that after a enlongated period of time, jokes just aren’t funny anymore. I stopped to think this over, and realized that this is quite true. I mean, who sincerely laughs to tears at Shakespeare anymore? And there isn’t a single Murphy Brown episode that I have yet to decipher into any kind of comedy gold.

I guess as times go by, topical humor fades away and only the meat and potatos of comedy are left standing. Shows such as Three Stooges, I Love Lucy, and of course Three’s Company are still here with us today because they honored the age-old practices of physical comedy and perfected timing.

And that leads me back to T-Rex. One of the greatest attributes of Dinosaur Comics is the almost perfected writing and timing of the punch lines. This is one of few web comics that actually cause me to laugh out loud. Today’s strip did exactly that when I read the punch line in the last panel.

Because as everyone knows, I’m dumb for Dinosaur Comics.

Well, excuuuuse me! It’s been a long time since I laughed so much, as when “The Lord Chancellor’s Men” performed “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” a couple of weeks ago. It was very much worth the sunburn.

Going from memory here: Henry V, having defeated the French at Agincourt, having been promised the hand of Princess Catherine and the whole of France, is wooing her. Her English is not good, and it’s not going well. Frustration mounts …

H: Answer me but this, Catherine — do you like me?
C: I do not know what is … ‘like me’?
H: An angel is like you, Kate. But canst thou love me?
C: I cannot say.
H: Well, can any of your neighbors say? I’ll ask them.

Just a little bit of cranky in Hal’s voice, and that is comedy gold.

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