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Is It A Bird? Is It A Plane? It’s A Bird!

Sorry. That joke is only funny if you’re British. And an idiot. my apologies.

Moving swiftly on, next up on Single Strip Appreciation Week (TM), it’s Questionable Content. Now first off, I have to tell you, I love pizza. Everyone should love pizza. I also find girls to be fairly inoffensive by and large, so QC’s Pizza Girl is obviously a character that brings me much joy. The strip in question (this one, for those of you who aren’t paying attention) brings the very nature of Pizza Girl into question. I find that hilarious. Mainly I find it hilarious because it represents a conversation a whole lot of QC fans have probably had ever since Pizza Girl arrived on the scene. It’s breaking the fourth wall without breaking it. By the end of the strip it seems like our potential super heroine is just messing with everyones head. We think to ourselves, “of course she is. I mean, a pizza delivering super heroine? That’s crazy!” Then we remember that we are reading a comic that has a talking robot computer in the second panel ever! We just don’t know what to believe!

Also, I totally want to see Chinese Delivery Man in action. That would rock.

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