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Revisionist Cartooning Or New and Improved?

Inverloch and Earthsong being published isn’t exactly recent news, but it hasn’t been talked about here. Megatokyo has been at the book game for a while now, and Fred is on book four. Inverloch and Earthsong both went through a revision process — in fact, you can view the newly drawn pages of Earthsong as “redux” pages on the internet. Inverloch has used redrawn pages as incentives.
Megatokyo included the original art in all of the editions. (I own the first one. I bought it on impulse while in Ann Arbor, squeeing over the fact that I was that close to someone that did webcomics. Little did I know, a year later, I’d be writing for Fleen.) It does, of course, include editions and bonuses. And in reading Fred’s rants, he went through a lot of trouble to make the comics the correct ratio, let alone revise the drawings.

All three works mentioned are aiming for the same thing: an epic storyline. They want to tell a story. So, why the different approaches to publishing? Creators out there, what would you do? Readers and fans, what is it that you prefer?

When it comes time for me to release my webcomic in print format (target: 2007), I definitely plan to revisit some of my older work and update it to fit my current style. I see nothing wrong with revisionism, so long as the originals are still available for people to see (and they will be, online).

[…] First up, Diablo the Chicken’s megaGAMERZ 3133T is going into reruns. Started on 22 June 2005 and ending not quite a year later with the Deathrumble, you’ve got an eye-popping 49 self-contained storylines and a cast of dozens (including my personal favorite, Fishapod). Given the tremendous demand to see them again, Diablo has added one to the year, and opted to rerun the entire series from the very beginning. No revisions or redraws, no commentary track, just pure gamery goodness. Hop on board now while you can and enjoy the thrill ride. […]

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