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Everything Should Be Coated In Velvet

It’s review time again, and I’ve decided to talk about a web comic that was emailed to me through the Fleen contact thingy. It’s Velvet Goat, which is comprised of numerous artists and their own slide-show style comics.

Jim Luian’s comics are connected and carry a plot-line full of drug-smuggling and transvestites. His comics stood out to me because I enjoyed his style and colorful characters. Other artists such as Matt Leong focus on the grim aspects of life, including horrible sabotage.

There are many more artists on this site that offer their own brand of comedy, drama, and distinct drawing talents. Velvet Goat offers a mix of artistic ability, wonderful writing, and leaves you with an appreciation for the dark side of life, since without it we could never see the humor in every day living.

Hey! Awesome. Thanks for reviewing our little site. That’s so cool. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

-Justin Stewart

What a great review of an unbelievable creative community. I love me some VG! (at least more than VD)

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