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Oh GOD, Yes

From a January discussion on webcomics merch:

The only attempts at quantities of actual action figures (with accessories!) that I’m aware of are from Messers Bell and Rosenberg. And these are fraught with delays, as the only manufacturies are a) far overseas; b) speak a different language; and c) hate you and want to make you suffer.

Welp, it looks like the manufacturies in question might hate you just a little less than before, as a color proof of Diablo the Chicken has made it past snarling dogs, razor wire, US Customs, and the postal service to end up in the hands of Messers Bell and Rosenberg. Rumors abound that there may be a couple cases of these bad boys at San Diego, with the bulk of the order arriving later. Price point is still to be determined, but keep an eye on the Goats newsbox for further info.

When that info comes out, buy one! Buy two! Get your Christmas shopping done early! Success on this experiment means that someday I may have other Goats figures. Seriously, Oliver with deathbot? Or being able to watch the look on Jon’s face as he sells figures based on his cartoon alter-ego (with short-packed gray variant) to random fanboys, knowing not what they’ll do with it? getting a genuine Phillip figure (with sentient lemon accessory) in close proximity to — dare I hope? — a Penny Arcade Fruit Fucker 2000? Count me in!

[…] And on another note, I am praying to whatever god that is neccesary to get a Diablo the Chicken figurine. It would be the greatest thing on earth if a Pintsize figurine showed up on shelves as well. I would die of web comic bliss. And then come back to life to write for Fleen, of course. […]

I thought Penny Arcade was already making action figures. What’s happening with those?

Let’s hope Goats (former) Membership has it’s privileges.

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