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Mister Bear Is Too Polite To Mess You Up, But That Doesn’t Mean That He Isn’t Capable Of It

Written on this page, eleven days ago:

… stupendous badassery is the natural inheritance of every living thing (even Philippe and Mr Bear)

It looks like Cornelius Bear is indeed a stupendous badass, with his skills at bread-baking, rule-breaking, jail-surviving, and car picking (not to mention porn writing) serving him well. Maybe now that son of a bitch Lyle will give him some respect.

And is it just me, or does Magnus Intactus look like he was the model for cell-phone nuts? This makes up for the fact that, sadly, no Badass Games wiki is yet in evidence.

As usual, whenever I think I’m done with Achewood, it drags me back in with an exceptional storyline. Onstad, he is unkind.

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