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Hey You! Look at this

We had a suggestion float by us during the week. So I’m taking it up. We’re going to take a look at one of my favourite web comic strips of all time (one of many) and talk about why I think it’s so great.

Well, this is it.

Halloween is often a big deal in web comics. Characters from certain strips dress up as characters from other strips. That’s fun and everything, but I like to see a little real life injected into the spookiest of holidays. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been to some pretty haphazard Halloween parties in my time, and this Mac Hall strip captures it perfectly. For a strip that is known for its polished art style, this penciled instance shows the raw quality of Ian’s art. It’s nice to know that Photoshop isn’t responsible for one of my favourite web comics.

The middle panel of this strip personifies college Halloween parties for me. There’s always the half assed costume entry and to be honest, it’s often me. I sympathise with the bag Brothers Three (TM), and maybe this year I’ll finally convince two hapless accomplices to help me fulfill my ambition of an Irish recreation of the trio that fight to defend the rights of containers everywhere!

Well, I hope you found that interesting. Perhaps you have more important things to worry about. Like Gordon for example, he has a yoghurt to finish, the expiry date is today.

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