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Rather Mega Indeed

Remember way back when I was musing on the possibility of Hollywood produced web comic movies? Yeah. That was fun. Anyway, as it happens, there is something out there that seems to resemble the antics of certain gaming comics caught on camera, but perhaps not to Hollywood standards. It is called Mega64. Perhaps you have heard of it.

These guys are out there physically doing the funny stuff that we’re used to seeing portrayed by cartoon cats, and it entertains. As long as you can forgive some pretty dodgy camera work and sometimes equally dodgy sound (I’m personally fine with it, since those things are my own primary mode of expression) then you’re in for a treat. In particular, the Hitman, Metal Gear and Shenmue episodes have been huge hits with those who have wandered past my monitor. Beyond the funny (and a lot of it is really funny), it’s also a pretty good message to be sending to the kids. The Mega64 guys often wind up getting in trouble with someone or other for their antics, so maybe the message here is that you can’t just go out and act out your favorite video game without getting in trouble. Unless maybe it’s Tetris.

The public’s reaction to Hitman may be a cause for concern however…

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