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I Need To Get Out More

I’ve decided to surface from my room, after numerous hours of honing my Guitar Hero skillz. What pulled me out of my gaming stupor was today’s Diesel Sweeties strip. Protesting furries and and goth chicks dressed as kitties always get my attention.

I love it when artists do their own newspaper spins, they never cease to amuse me. The newspaper at DS is the “Yiffington Star-Tribune”, which is all up in arms over the horrible presence of furries in our society. I personally have nothing but mad love for furries. Who am I to judge if a person wants to get it on with a bear-man? Another plus for the DS newpaper is the story “Snakes! Are they on your plane?” I hope not.

Anyways, I enjoy R.Stevens and his wonderfully pixalated artwork. Especially when it’s talking about weird sex practices. And the strip raises yet another provocative question, do bears have natural enemies? If so, who are they and are they armed?

I think a Bald Eagle with Adamantium claws could take a bear down, and look totally extreme while doing it. Note to self: develop Bald Eagle with Adamantium claws.

I spend most of my spare time honing my guitar hero skills as well. I’m about to finish Guitar Hero status on medium. The last two songs are oh so hard.

The link to “” should be “”.

Well, there is Stephen Colbert. That’s at least one natural bear enemy right there :D

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