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I Finally Figured Out Megatokyo

Nobody’s ever happy, everybody can find a reason to turn on somebody helping them, and the only emotionally-consistent characters are sociopathic black-ops agents for videogame manufacturers. I think that Dave Sim has been beaming his, errr, unique view of gender relations directly into the script-writing center of Fred Gallagher’s brain.

And look at the other parallels: a long-running series (although Gallagher has quite a ways to go to equal Sim’s 6000 pages of Cerebus) of black-and-white art from a single creator; divorce from a creative partner relatively early in the run (in Sim’s case, a literal divorce, in Gallagher’s, a parting of the ways with Rodney “Largo” Caston); and a tendency to long essays accompanying the art. They say that Sim rarely leaves his home, so who knows what kind of secret mind-control lasers he might be playing with?

I don’t think it’s even remotely accurate compare Fred’s work with Sims’… Megatokyo is angsty, but I am hard pressed to find any hint of the misogyny found in “Tangent.”

Actually, I was hoping you’d be hard pressed to find any hint of plausibility in what I wrote (much like previous references to Jeph Jacques destroying webcomics, or exposes of crytpo-Straubian attacks on T Campbell). Ah well, can’t hit ’em out of the park every time.


Well, chalk it up to switching mostly to decaf…


I will begin using “cryptostraubian” in a sentence EVERY day.

Christopher B. Wright wrote:
“…the misogyny found in “Tangent.â€?”

Which misogyny are you referring to? I can find no misogyny in ‘Tangent.’

Oh, delight!
Finally someone saying something nice about Megatokyo! Er, or, something. Seriously, made my day, to see that someone who is not a typical fan is paying attention to the current storyline.

And the comparison with Sim? FTW!
btw, does anyone discuss Megatokyo seriously anymore? Outside of the handful of (self-described) haters here and there, and the (self-described) obsessive fans on Megatokyo’s forums, there’s this big empty space. Did I fall of the edge of the internet, or is it that quiet nowadays?

I find this whole “Anna Miller’s fanboys” thing hilarious. Kimiko was so proud and happy to have Piro there to help her because “he’s a fanboy, he’ll know what to do”, Piro does his best to keep guys from molesting her for a few hours or whatever, she finally flips out and starts crying, Piro, understandably, gets pissed off and breaks one guy’s camera, and now Kimiko is super pissed at him. She was only happy with him when she was thinking about him as a spineless fanboy! Looks like the only way Piro’s gonna get the girl is to follow her around crying and smelling like french fries.

More stuff!

It doesn’t surprise me that Megatokyo discussion on the internet is so sparse nowadays since the storyline is so stagnant. A manga-style comic needs a powerful storyline to drive it. I’d say the two biggest threads of Megatokyo are the evil goth girl and all the romance; after, what, easily five or six years of both storylines, we haven’t had one kiss or even a real date and I still don’t understand what the goth girl’s deal is. I mean, maybe I’m just stupid, but that doesn’t seem like much development for five or six years.

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