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Bedtime Stories

I know I’ve written about Count Your Sheep recently, so I’m glad your attention is on it. For those of you whose attention isn’t on it, go check it out starting here. Adis! has changed the style to honor of the third year anniversary of the strip. It’s a return to the roots, as it’s Katie and Ship in Katie’s bed, Katie in her PJs and Ship ready to help her count to sleep. (In fact, it seems to be mirroring these two strips.)

Originally, the strip was meant only to be Katie and Ship, and only jokes about counting sheep. But soon Katie’s mother was introduced, and we’ve gotten glimpses of Laurie’s past. Then there was the More Than Cute campaign, which brings the characters even more depth. They’re brilliantly strong female characters, and I love them.

Note the distressed eyebrow tweak on Ship. It’ll be interesting to see how Adis! plans to send up his own strip for its anniversary. I’m excited.

I should thank you for introducing me to this; I’ve read a bunch of the archives and it’s cute as could be. So, thanks! :: reads :: …And, yeah, I really like the style adopted over the last couple of days. Great to see the artist attempting something new.

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