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Today’s Oratory Is On Function

I don’t have to tell you all about how wonderful Family Man is or how talented Dylan is or how I’d sell my soul to any number of devils to have that kind of talent. No, no, that can all go without saying. I’m all a-quiver with anticipation after last weeks nearly risque sleeping behavior between the brothers.

I’d like to draw your attention specifically to today’s comic though. After weeks and weeks stuck in the same night the comic begins in, we’ve finally moved on to the next day. This is where we’ll start to see things move a little quicker, I think. With updates spread out over the course of a day rather than many updates depicting a 10 minute time span which makes the comic feel as if it were at a stand still. Timing is a very tricky thing that artists have to juggle. To do a scene justice you must spend plenty of pages and thorough dialogue. Should you spend too many though, readers start wondering when things are going to actually happen and the exposition or the build up of suspense will finally climax.

On a final note I’d like to draw attention to Dylan’s use of text bubbles in the last panel. Text bubbles are often just bits of white space breaking up background art. But not here. Here the text becomes symbolic of action. Here, the text and the balloon become an artistic tool to experience noise, loudness/softness and tone. Dylan never fails to use her whole page to her advantage and that is an impressive feat.

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