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Rolling Dice, Rolling Along

Jenn Manley Lee says that Griffen and Molly of Dicebox walked into her head in 1990: their personalities, their dynamic, their situation. That’s a long time to know someone, especially fictional characters. Jenn’s familiarity with them is apparent in the execution of the first book, which she describes as a “slice of life� in her fantasy science fiction world.

The art is detailed, with specific colors for each character, and has been talked about before. Jenn even outlines it for the readers. I’m more interested in the story telling – and the way that Dicebox is driven by character dialogue. Griffen and Molly have the most impressive dialogue, which shows the intimacy between them in the details that are left out (because they don’t need to say them).

Jenn describes this first book of four as a slice of life, and it works well as one. Between Molly’s visions and missing finger and Griffen’s trouble making and duel identity (as Peggy Clevenger), we begin to see exactly how the world is constructed for the migrant workers that they are. They have to register for their citizenship every year; they decide between beer and beds, there are curfews and medical insurance woes. I’m not sure where the story is going – I suspect that it has something to do with their pasts – but as the next book is entitled Chase, it promises to be full of action.

So, anyway. Dicebox, updates Wednesdays, one page at a time. I’m really looking forward to the third book, called Tour of Duty, which Jenn says will be driven by political intrigue. That’s my favorite genre of anything, so I’ll be a faithful, patient reader until then. Check it out.

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