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I Love Showdowns, Especially Ones In Little Tokyo

So we’ve all heard about the war between Dumbrella and DayFree Press. The big rumble at the Puck Building during MoCCA that ended in catastrophe is what caught my eye. Who knew that a humble web comic artist had the power to decimate all of North America? I say that’s pretty impressive Jeff, pretty impressive indeed.

I’m not sure if I could choose between Dumbrella and Dayfree. I love white ninjas, but I just can’t make myself side against the PoopMonster. He’d have my knees broken for sure.

 The only reason that I would suggest that Dayfree would win is because there are two, count em’, two ninjas on the team. Who could win against two ninjas? Not I. I’m not positive if the notorious Englishman could withstand that kind of fury.

What do you think, readers of Fleen? Who do you think should have won in the Great MoCCA War? Dayfree or Dumbrella?

It’s a well known fact that the average Englishman can survive three ninja attacks per day provided he is supplied with sufficient amounts of good ale and meat pies.

I’m putting my vote on Dumbrella. While Dayfree has two ninjas, one isn’t even a real ninja.
And Dumbrella has monsters, goblins, robots, and exploding dogs.

and Chris Gaines.

I’ve got to side with Dumbrella. All the authors can go postal for no reason. The Dayfree Press people seem too sane.

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