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Con Report: MoCCA ’06 (Coda)

Mostly photos this time ’round, and that will wrap up our discussion of MoCCA for the year. Before we get to the pics, profound apologies to both Tyler Page and Ryan Sias.

Page put together the best take-aways to promote a webcomic I’ve ever seen: a brochure for the fictional college that is the story setting, and student IDs for the main characters. Great idea, wonderful execution, couldn’t get a decent photo of them.

I had only about two minutes to talk with Sias, which was not nearly enough time to discuss Silent Kimbly, his work as an animator, and being a Ryan. As soon as we at Fleen have the opportunity to talk with him further, we’ll be sure to share with you.

In the meantime, please enjoy visuals of Ian Jones-Quartey’s ‘frohawk, T-Rex in all his majesty (Ladies, please! One at a time!), the free-est and fun-est eagle in the world, Ryan North gettin’ down, and webcomicdom’s fiercest thug mug. Andy Runton is about to learn to his detriment that you do not screw with Kean Soo. Lastly, this man is more of a ninja that you will ever be. In fact, he is such a master of disguise that he doesn’t even look like that.

And there go aaaaaall my groupies.


I still think you’re handsome Chris. Of course, I think these guys are handsome, so…

dangit, I messed up the link. these guys!

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